Millions of Americans are violently protesting; many more are refusing to pay federal income tax. States are threatening to secede from the United States of America; the president is desperately trying to avoid a civil war. While Tucker Cherokee is offering a solution, his family is under attack from the most intelligent person in the world -- diagnosed as a sociopath and psychopath. His next assignment contains all the elements of life that he enjoy: terrorism, explosives, cyber-attacks, sex, murder, theft, weaponry, revenge, and stealth. Life is good for him.
   Life will be better for him after he concludes his unfinished business with the Cherokee family and their protectors. The thin line between genius and insanity was crossed a long time and many lives ago. While Russia and China take advantage of a weakened America, Tucker solves the unsolvable.

[Tucker Cherokee Novels  and Screenplays]

Tucker Cherokee:  Entrepreneur and Scientist
Maya Cherokee:  PhD in Physics; National Science Advisor to the President of the United States 
Star Cherokee:  Tucker and Maya's six-year-old Indigo child
Ram:  Cherokee's military trained German Sheppard
Tank Alvarez:  The 6'-7" tall, 310 lb. owner of White Knight Personal Protective Services & life long friend of Tucker's.
'The Ghost': A criminally insane escapee, master of disguise, genius sociopath and psychopath
Powers:  A trainer of Special Forces and co-owner of White Knight Personal Protective Services
General Ray LaSalle:  The Head of Pentagon Contingency Planning
Vinny DeLuca: FBI Agent
Grant Roman:  Writer of Horror Novels
Jolene Landrieu:  Tank's significant other and White Knight protector
Sonja McLeod:  Israeli sniper
Winston Allen:  President of the United States of America
Jackson Cleever:  Governor of California
Alexander Sversk:  President of the Russian Federation