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​A Discovery is made which could end man-made climate change.   The inventors are forced to run for their lives. ​

An international conspiracy to force California into financial ruin drives the U.S. toward civil war. 

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     The love of Tank Alvarez’s life is kidnapped for an unusual ransom – either he investigates to reveal the truth about the death of a White House counsel or Tank will never see his lady again.  His investigation lifts the lid on a Pandora’s Box of conspiracy, blackmail, murder, and paranormal experiences, along with abuses of power and money.    Tank is caught in the crossfire triangle between a vengeful megalomaniac seeking retribution for decades old past sins, a mercenary trying to protect a European nation from targeted terrorism, and an overly ambitious former First Lady.

     Secrets are hard to keep in the incestuous town of Washington, D.C. where there are scoop-driven reporters, loose-lipped Congressional staffers, influence peddlers, and information buyers.  Washington is also a place where it is sometimes -- maybe all the time -- impossible to separate fact from fiction, disinformation from real data, and direct quotes from editorial opinions.  This political thriller is based on a real life story about a White House attorney whose death was originally ruled a suicide.   This mystery weaves together pure evil, romance, corruption, paramilitary force, terrorism, politics, cover-ups, and scientific advancements in an exciting and suspenseful way.  The search for answers to the mystery cascades into the uncovering of many other mysteries.

Evil men take advantage of a natural disaster.   

                                 by JED O'Dea