Tank Alvarez is blackmailed into investigating a cold case: the death of a White House attorney. 

A terrorist cleverly formulates a plan to take advantage of the environmental impact of extreme weather for geopolitical and personal gain. The world's best thinkers, strategists, forecasters, scientists, and policymakers are collectively unprepared to deal with the chaos that follows the intriguing and almost apocalyptic results of the terrorist's activities. A changing earth coupled with the unchanging evil of humankind becomes a challenge for Tucker and Maya Cherokee who use science, perseverance, and compassion to help the President of the United States  beat back a deranged, though brilliant, psychopath.

​A Discovery is made which could end man-made climate change.   The inventors are forced to run for their lives. ​

An international conspiracy to force California into financial ruin drives the U.S. toward civil war. 

Finally, a group is going to try to stop 50 years of media manipulation. Can they succeed? Just how dangerous will  it be?

                                 by JED O'Dea

[Tucker Cherokee Novels  and Screenplays]

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